‘Emily in Paris’ Seems a Little Too Fine With Everyone Hating Emily — C’est la Vie

[Editor’s Note: The following article contains spoilers for “Emily in Paris” Season 2.]Ringarde, much?Just when Emily (Lily Collins) began worming her way into viewers’ guarded, cynical hearts — her anti-feminist naiveté could be considered charming in a screwball, ironically patriarchal kind of way — the second season of Netflix’s “Emily in Paris” all but assassinated its titular character.

Season 2 feels like being flung into an alternate Darren Star-helmed universe where Emily is no longer merely an inexperienced expat; she’s an idiot abroad.And in 2021, is there anything more unlovable than an American with no remorse?For all those who haven’t yet schlepped their luggage aboard — yes, Emily throws a tantrum in a luxury train car — here’s a little refresher on where Season 1 left off: Emily is resistant to learning French and immersing herself in the local Parisian culture.

She also had an affair with local chef Gabriel (Lucas Bravo), jeopardizing her friendship with Gabriel’s girlfriend,

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