Emmy Predictions: Best Documentary or Nonfiction Series — A Wide Array of Docs, but Only One Can Win

Last Year’s Winner: “The Last Dance”Still Eligible: No.Hot Streak: Netflix saw its two-year hot streak interrupted when ESPN’s “The Last Dance” docuseries took home the Emmy in 2020 — however, Jason Hehir’s documentary series was released by Netflix internationally, as well as in the U.S.

prior to the Emmys, so the streamer can take some credit for its viewership, and thus, its victory.

Call it a “two-and-a-half year hot streak.”Fun Fact: Since receiving its first two nominations in 2016, Netflix has been nominated every year since, including two nominations in every Emmy cycle save for 2020, and winning three of the last five competitions.

The streamer’s heavy investment in docuseries, as well as the service’s general ubiquity, has certainly helped it make an immediate impact on the documentary world at large.Notable Ineligible Series: “The Crime of the Century” (HBO’s two-part documentary is eligible

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