‘Equal Standard’ Review: The Ice-t-Backed Film at the Intersection of Racism and Law Enforcement Is Hindered by Uneven Acting and Untidy Priorities

Overlong and erratically paced, Brendan Kyle Cochrane’s New York City-based “Equal Standard” opens with a self-conscious scene that heavy-handedly hints at an impending tragedy.

There in the sun-dappled kitchen of the happy Jones family, Detective Chris (Tobias Truvillion), Sergeant Jackie (Syleena Johnson) and their adorable daughter lovingly go about their rosy morning routine, while an over-sentimental score embellished with stark notes of caution (one of the film’s various recurring motifs of unsubtlety) accompanies the perfect picture.

As the doting husband and wife exchange their daily goodbyes before taking off for their high-risk professions, there is so much weight and emphasis placed on the concerned Jackie when she says “Be safe” that you prophetically know Chris is soon going to need that advice.Aiming to be “The Wire” of the Black Lives Matter era with a multi-pronged yarn penned by first-time feature writer Taheim Bryan, “Equal Standard” sadly exhibits

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