Et Tu, Universal? ‘The Boss Baby: Family Business’ Goes Day-and-Date on Peacock

Even as “F9” opened as an international theatrical hit, Universal made its streaming priorities clear: “The Boss Baby: Family Business” will debut day-and-date July 2 in theaters and on Peacock while a theater-only release is set for the same day in the rest of the world.The original 2017 DreamWorks Animation release, “The Boss Baby,” grossed $175 million in North America and double that in the rest of the world.

It was previously scheduled as a theater-only release September 17.

Universal’s theatrical releases fall under an established Premium VOD deal that allows for PVOD showings after 17 or 31 days, depending on opening gross.

This includes revenue sharing with at least some distributors.This announcement indicates that whatever the intricacies of that agreement, Universal retained the right to play films of their choosing day and date via streaming, with theaters then free to play at their choice.From the perspective of domestic theaters who may

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