‘Eternals’: How the VFX Served Chloé Zhao’s Naturalistic, Indie Aesthetic

Marvel knew exactly what it was getting with director Chloé Zhao, whose naturalistic aesthetic for “Eternals” was demonstrated in her Oscar-winning “Nomadland.” Crucially, this had a significant impact on the VFX: Zhao eschewed green and blue screens for shooting on location in the Canary Islands and England, where the natural light (particularly Magic Hour) and her anthropological visual style had a direct bearing on full CG shots.Additionally, the epic world building, the cosmic energy of the superhero Eternals, and the CG character design of the antagonistic Deviants and Celestials were influenced by manga, anime, and Marvel comics.

But Zhao ultimately tied them all to the metaphysical theme of nature as the ultimate superpower.“We went on location more than we normally do for a Marvel movie, and Chloé wanted everything to be in natural places,” said Marvel VFX production supervisor Stephane Ceretti.

“She also wanted to work with Ben Davis,

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