Eternals review – magic hour meets PowerPoint in Chloe Zhao’s Marvel yarn

The Nomadland director manages to get some nice-looking shots and personal drama in her superhero debut, but there’s just too much mythology to explainThe Marvel Cinematic Universe as we know it is but a provincial backwater compared to the colossal scope of this latest addition, which covers such vast expanses of space and time that squeezing it all into one movie is almost a scientific breakthrough in itself.

Everything about Eternals is huge, which is both its strength and its weakness.

In terms of visual spectacle, it gives us cosmic vistas that would not look out of place on a prog-rock album cover or a documentary about the Big Bang.

The story spans the entire globe and the entirety of human civilisation, from Mesopotamia to modern-day London, from the Australian outback to ancient Babylon, with innumerable CGI-heavy set pieces along the way.

Sitting through the endless credits (which

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