Eugenio Derbez Approached by Sony Pictures to Star in ‘The Three Tenors’ Comedy

Sony Pictures acquired original comedy “The Three Tenors” and is courting Eugenio Derbez to star in what the studio aims to position as an international comedy, the company announced Tuesday.Sony is eyeing Derbez for one of the title roles.

Derbez is one of Mexico’s biggest stars, with a total box office gross of more than $150 million in that country alone.

His most recent Hollywood projects were the Anna Faris team up “Overboard,” which grossed $91.2 million worldwide and “How to be a Latin Lover,” which pulled in $61.9 million.“The Three Tenors” will be produced by Patrick Aiello, who created the story and then brought the project Columbia Pictures head Sanford Panitch, who approached Derbez to star.“I’ve known Eugenio for many years.

He is a marvel, a wonderful person, a gifted comedian, and a genuine movie star,

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