Every Episode Of Some Show Called Seinfeld Hits Netflix On October 1 — Watch A Trailer

Have you caught yourself in the mood lately to watch a show about nothing? Well, I’m going to go full “Actually” here and point out how technically that’s a misnomer because “Seinfeld” is a show that’s very much about a group of self-absorbed, narcissistic, and generally toxic individuals behaving ridiculously in and around New York City …

but you get the idea.The wildly popular “Seinfeld” is finally arriving on Netflix for the very first time after recently leaving the familiar confines of Hulu, meaning those of us who cut the cable cord (and/or didn’t subscribe to Hulu) will soon…The post Every Episode of Some Show Called Seinfeld Hits Netflix on October 1 — Watch a Trailer appeared first on /Film.

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