Every Main Character In Band Of Brothers Ranked Worst To Best

The true stories of heroism in World War II have inspired some of the greatest films of all time. Throughout film history, war films have examined various aspects of combat.

While films like “Saving Private Ryan” and “The Thin Red Line” explored the plight of soldiers in the heat of combat, “Bridge On The River Kwai” deconstructs the moral dilemma that prisoners of war faced.Given how many classics have been made about the conflict, television would have to take a different approach when Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg teamed up to create the excellent HBO miniseries “Band of Brothers.” “Band of Brothers” follows the exploits of “Easy” Company, 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, of the 101st Airborne Division throughout the war.

The series is notable for its massive cast, which paid tribute to the real men that played a role in the conflict.

It’s an unparalleled account of war.

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