‘Evil’: How an Unpredictable Villain Has Deepened the CBS Show’s Unsettling Mysteries

[Editor’s Note: The following interview contains spoilers for “Evil” Episode 12, “Justice x 2.”]After almost an entire season of trying to be a master societal manipulator, “Evil” finally pulled the curtain back on Leland Townsend’s vulnerability.

Thursday night’s episode closes with him in what seems at first like an ordinary therapy session.

As the camera pulls out wider, the audience sees that he’s not sitting across from a licensed, professionally-dressed psychologist, but a furry horned beast.“Evil” has proven throughout its first season that not everything is as it appears, but regardless of interpretation, having Leland confessing his feelings to a monster carries with it some kernel of truth.

When series co-creators Michelle and Robert King recently spoke with IndieWire, they said that final image was representative of how they’ve approached the dividing line of reality.“I think you can very legitimately tell yourself that’s how Leland experiences his therapist,” Michelle King said.It’s also something that,

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