Ewen Bremner: ‘They should let Irvine Welsh script the Tiger King movie’

The Trainspotting actor discusses his Netflix indulgences, his role in Bong Joon-ho’s Snowpiercer – and how he hasn’t owned a TV for 25 yearsRead all the other Lockdown watch choicesI live in Harlem in New York and I’m quarantined on my own.

The streets are very calm.

As an actor I’m quite adapted to waiting around on set and between jobs, so I’m not letting the downtime cave my head in.I haven’t owned a television for 25 years.

I found myself in hotel rooms scrolling through the channels until four in the morning – I had to cut it off.

I’ve got Netflix, so I did watch Tiger King.

It’s even more Irvine Welsh than Irvine Welsh.

Irvine writes these trashy, heightened stories.

The Tiger King characters are just as vain.

They’re all prepared to use skulduggery to become the star.


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