Fall 2020 Preview: 30 New and Returning Shows on the Horizon

Imagine, if you will, 12 months ago.

“The Mandalorian” is still an enigmatic blip on the distant radar, no one knew what to expect from “Watchmen,” and there were two potential streaming disruptors that hadn’t even opened up shop yet.The 2020 version of uncertainty is understandably different, but some of this fall’s upcoming TV still has a chance to reach those same heights.

Heavy-hitter networks and streaming services still have some of their strongest potential titles to unfurl in the year’s waning weeks.

Other outlets are ready to serve up glimpses of their respective perilous expanded universes.

Series that premiered outside the US get broadcast homes for a new Stateside audience, and a few stories that resonated in other countries will find new reinterpretations, too.All of that adds up to a few more months of TV-release-related intrigue, undoubtedly with one or two more surprises in store.

For now,

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