Fan Bingbing, Missing Chinese Celebrity, Is Fined for Tax Evasion

Missing Chinese celebrity Fan Bingbing is to be heavily fined for tax evasion, it emerged on Wednesday.China’s State Administration of Taxation said that Bingbing is to pay “hundreds of millions” of Yuan of back taxes and fines, following an investigation.Bingbing, who is China’s highest paid actress and a star of films including “X-Men: Days of Future Past” and “Iron-Man 3,” disappeared from public view in June after she was accused by another celebrity of tax evasion.The commentator used social media to post copies of two contracts purportedly relating to Bingbing’s role in the upcoming Huayi Brothers-produced film “Cell Phone 2.” The so-called yin and yang contracts were of different values, and the assumed purpose was to declare only the smaller contract to the tax authorities.

Bingbing and the production companies denied the accusations.According to state news agency Xinhua, the extent of Bingbing’s payments could amount to Rmb 479 million,

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