‘Fast and the Furious’ Director Rob Cohen Faces Another Sexual Assault Allegation

The Fast and the Furious” and “xXx” director Rob Cohen is facing another sexual assault allegation in the wake of a story published by The Huffington Post on Saturday.

Cohen, whose transgender 32-year-old daughter Valkyrie Weather earlier this year said the director molested her when she was two years old, allegedly assaulted a then-28-year-old actress after they met in New York to discuss a pilot that never came to be.Jane, as identified by The Huffington Post, said that after ordering her a drink she didn’t ask for, Cohen “moved the meeting to a restaurant that happened to be situated right by the hotel where he was staying, ordered a carafe of wine and encouraged her to drink some more.”According to the story, Jane recalled feeling “fuzzy” after sipping her drink and “feeling suddenly alone” in the restaurant with Cohen.

She said he then tried to kiss her.

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