Fast & Furious Director Justin Lin Takes Han’s Snacking Very Seriously

In a franchise inching towards double-digit entries and with as big of a cast as “Fast & Furious,” where it’s not a guarantee that everyone in the audience has watched (or remembers) all the previous installments, it’s important to give each character a quirk that makes them instantly memorable.

People who missed the second movie might not know the name of Tyrese Gibson’s smartass, but his constant wisecracks make us care about him anyway on a film-to-film basis, even if he’s rarely the main focus of any given scene.Likewise, those who missed out on “Tokyo Drift” may not understand how Han Lue (Sung Kang) came in, but it’s still easy to keep track of him as that guy who’s always snacking on something.

(He’s also the guy fans rooted to bring back.) Not only is it a relatable character trait — who among us would not like to have

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