Fast X’s Bomb Sequence Was Shot With A Massive Two Ton Practical Prop

The “Fast and Furious” series has never shied away from using CGI, mostly because its increasingly extravagant stunts can’t all be done practically.

Believe it or not, Vin Diesel and Paul Walker didn’t actually drive a Lykan Hypersport out the 50th-floor window of a skyscraper in “Fast and Furious 7.” And if you’ve seen the behind-the-scenes footage from the scene in “Fast-X-2023-movie-posters/”>Fast X” where Jason Momoa’s Dante blows up the armored truck carrying Diesel’s Dom Toretto, you’ll have seen plenty of blue screens all over the place.But that doesn’t mean everything in the “Fast” franchise is a digital fabrication.

In fact, the series has used practical effects whenever possible, causing a hell of a lot of damage along the way.

With “Fast-X-2023-movie-posters/”>Fast X,” director Louis Leterrier wanted things to be relatively grounded, especially after “F9” sent Chris “Ludacris” Bridges and Tyrese Gibson into space.

This is why you’ll…