Fatal Affair review – cheap Netflix thriller plays the same old tune

An uninspired Fatal Attraction knock-off wastes a charismatic Nia Long on a script with zero surprises or tensionFrom the company that gave us Secret Obsession and Dangerous Lies comes another Lifetime movie-level “thriller” that pairs two picked-out-of-a-hat genre buzzwords together and comes up with something we’ve seen many, many times before.

The surprising success of the aforementioned Netflix originals has caused the streamer to frantically assemble more of the same: low-budget, low-risk TV movies that place vaguely recognisable actors in familiar situations.

With Fatal Affair, it’s the 90s stars Nia Long and Omar Epps replaying the endlessly regurgitated Fatal Attraction formula with absolutely nothing new brought to the table.Related: Father Soldier Son review – intimate Netflix military documentary

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