‘Fatherhood’ Soars at Netflix, ‘Misfits’ Clicks as VOD Premiere

Domestic theaters, now mostly reopen even with five new studio movies in the last three weeks, could only muster a total gross of $45 million this past weekend.

That’s less than a quarter of what the same weekend in 2019 took in.That week was dominated by “Toy Story 4.” Disney released the Pixar sequel targeting the Father’s Day audience.

That timing only added to an already monster hit that took in $121 million initially, and $434 million domestic all told.This weekend, two new films were timed to Father’s Day, at least in part.

Unfortunately for struggling theaters, neither had them in mind.“Luca,” Pixar’s latest, debuted on Disney+ free for subscribers (unlike some other recent Premium VOD offerings).

No viewership reports have emerged.

But the figure might have been in the millions just in the U.S.

And with the low end of a Pixar opening this century at $39 million,

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