‘Ferrari’ Review: Penélope Cruz Steals the Wheel from Adam Driver’s Automaker in Michael Mann’s Racing Opera

For Enzo Ferrari, racing was a deadly passion, a terrible joy.For director Michael Mann, the automaker and his life’s obsession make for briskly entertaining melodrama in a moment-in-time portrait focused around Ferrari and the Mille Miglia race of 1957.

Adam Driver, again playing an Italian historical figure after taking on Maurizio Gucci for another major American auteur in Ridley Scott’s “House of Gucci,” stars as a grief-driven Enzo Ferrari, working to save his near-bankrupt company while trying to appease his business partner and wife, Laura.

She’s played with jilted, internalized rage by Penélope Cruz in her best performance since winning an Oscar for “Vicky Cristina Barcelona.” In fact, you could argue that Laura, worn in as an old shoe and run dry by her husband’s dalliances and impulsive decision-making, is the ebbing aftermath of the mad woman she played in Woody Allen’s film.

Cruz also,…

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