‘Field of Dreams’ Turns 30: Why the Baseball Classic Still Holds a Special Place in America’s Hearts (and Heartland)

Humphrey Bogart never said, “Play it again, Sam” in the 1942 Oscar-winning classic “Casablanca.” In fact, no one says it in the movie.And the mysterious voice in the adored 1989 fantasy film “Field of Dreams” does not tell Kevin Costner: “If you build it, they will come.”Released 30 years ago on April 21, 1989, “Field of Dreams” stars Kevin Costner and Amy Madigan as Ray and Annie Kinsella, a couple raising corn on a bucolic Iowa farm with a young daughter, played by Gaby Hoffman, who went on to star in “Transparent.”At dusk one evening, Ray hears a voice saying “If you build it, he will come.”But according to the film’s writer/director Phil Alden Robinson, there is a whole group of people who insist it’s “they.”“It’s called the Mandela effect — people who swear they’ve seen something that really didn’t happen,” noted Robinson.Or in this case,

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