Film News Roundup: Oscar Isaac Joins Superhero Movie ‘The Great Machine’

In today’s film news roundup, Oscar Isaac boards “The Great Machine,” Keira Knightley joins “Silent Night” and “The Dog Doc” finds a home.

CastingsLegendary has closed a deal for Oscar Isaac to star in and produce superhero saga “The Great Machine.”The project is based on Brian K.

Vaughan’s comic book series “Ex Machina” with artist Tony Harris.

Anna Waterhouse and Joe Shrapnel are set to adapt the story.

Isaac will produce alongside his longtime manager Jason Spire.

Vaughan will also produce.“Ex Machina” charts the exploits of civil engineer Mitchell Hundred, who after a mysterious accident gains powers making him the world’s first and only superhero.

In the wake of his actions during 9/11 he is elected mayor of New York City, turning his back on life as a masked vigilante.

But his political career is threatened when the source of his powers returns to claim its debt.

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