Film Review: ‘Line of Duty’

High on energy if low on credibility, “Line of Duty” stars Aaron Eckhart as a cop from Birmingham, Ala., whose day gets a lot more hectic when he’s caught up in a kidnapping whose victim is under immediate mortal threat.

This latest from prolific genre helmer Stephen C.

Miller is a little off-putting at times with its undercurrent of pro-police, anti-everyone-else rhetoric — though that may play well with some of the target demographic.

In any case, action fans looking for a lot of forward motion could do worse than this lively, increasingly over-the-top feature-length chase.

It opens Nov.

15 on U.S.

screens, day-and-date with on demand.Officer Frank Penny (Eckhart) is a street cop with a world-weary, borderline-demoralized demeanor (we don’t find out exactly why until much later), starting his day bantering with a favorite neighborhood kid (Elijah Cooper).

Some blocks away, his superiors are orchestrating a trap

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