Film Review: ‘Little Women’

When characters cry on screen, but the audience doesn’t cry in their seats, there’s a problem.

Unfortunately, it’s not the only problem in director Clare Niederpruem’s “Little Women.” This contemporary adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s enduring classic is certainly admirable in its attempt to give the material a modern spin.

However, what’s new only serves to frustrate and detract from the reasons why this material has been beloved for generations.Niederpruem, along with co-writer (and editor) Kristi Shimek, updates Alcott’s source material with an unnecessary framing device in which present-day twentysomething Jo March (Sarah Davenport) is attempting to make her mark by writing an unforgettable novel.

Can you guess what that novel will eventually be?Jo was once a young girl yearning to “do all the things”, such as travel the world and be a playwright.

Now, she’s just a frustrated fantasy-fiction writer,

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