Film Review: ‘Midnight Sun’

Google “xeroderma pigmentosum” and you will find no photos of pale young women who look like Bella Thorne in “Midnight Sun.” The condition, in which the body is unable to heal DNA damaged by exposure to Uv rays, has side effects that might appear freakish to the average person, including an abundance of freckles, dry skin, cancerous lesions, and spider veins, but which convey just how serious Xp is for those who suffer from it (only one in five makes it to his or her 20th birthday).It could have simply been a marketing trick, but at advance screenings of “Midnight Sun,” they put a small box of tissues at everybody’s seat.

Good thing too: The independently produced melodrama — a remake of a popular 2006 weepie from Japan, where the potentially fatal skin condition is six times more common — doesn’t jerk tears so much as coax them, like a

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