Film Review: ‘Spinning Man’

In an alternate universe, Guy Pearce plays sleazeheads, killers, cutthroats with attitude, and various other magnetically bent souls — in other words, just what he plays now — only he does it in movies that aren’t semi-off-the-radar hipster curios and genre throwaways.

He does it with the stardom that “L.A.

Confidential” and “Memento” promised.

Spinning Man” is one more halfway interesting, not-fully-realized-enough low-budget “dark” thriller that gives Pearce the chance to strut his chops.

For a while, he’s quite good as a suave, confident weasel — a philosophy professor who becomes the chief suspect in the case of a high-school cheerleader who disappeared.Did he make contact with her at the local lake, lure her into his car, do things that he shouldn’t have, and — in the end — kill her? It sure looks that way.

“Spinning Man” loads up an accusatory pile of circumstantial evidence against its main character, making him seem guilty enough,

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