Film Review: ‘Triple Frontier’


Chandor is a gifted anomaly, a writer-director of reality-oriented drama who, until now, has made just three features: the high-finance meltdown thriller “Margin Call” (2011), the Robert-Redford-stranded-at-sea solo adventure “All Is Lost” (2013), and the good-man-gone-bad business/crime tragedy “A Most Violent Year” (2014).

Each Chandor film, to me, has been better than the one before it, yet as commercial propositions they’ve occupied the same not-so-sweet zone of utter box-office indifference.

Clearly, the time has come for a Chandor change-up.

So what could be a more perfect move for him than channeling his furrowed-brow impulses into an unabashed genre film?“Triple Frontier,” which Chandor made for Netflix (it will drop there on March 13 after opening in select theaters for a week), wants to be a thinking person’s action thriller about drug money, a South American jungle heist so crazy-daring it almost makes sense, and a cadre of ex-military jocks who

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