Finn Wolfhard: ‘I have so much crazy energy’

The teen star of Stranger Things can’t wait for lockdown to end so he can get his teeth back into acting, directing and being in his rock band.

But first there’s the little matter of a Ghostbusters sequel to finish…Not long into our conversation, the Canadian actor Finn Wolfhard rises from a couch and begins pacing the bright hallways of his parents’ Vancouver home, where he has been waiting out the pandemic.

We are talking over Zoom, which he has downloaded on to his phone.

And while he walks – while he carries me from one room to the next, describing the roles he’s played, the directors he admires, how he has been occupying himself during this odd time – he holds his phone at chest-height, so all I can do is gaze up at him, at his straight-line features and his long hair – a dark, thick tangle

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