Five Big Takeaways as Oscar Voting Closes

Phase 1 of awards season wraps Monday, Jan.

14, when Oscar-nomination voting ends.

So before Phase 2 (Jan.

22 nominations through the Feb.

24 ceremony), it’s time to reflect on the lessons of Phase 1.1.

It’s an annual tradition to stir up bogus controversies over contenders.

This year, it started with outrage that “First Man” doesn’t depict the planting of the U.S.

flag on the moon.

The continued attacks on “Green Book” manage to be both silly and disgusting.

The good news is that in the past, Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences voters have ignored this mudslinging The bad news is that this makes everybody look bad: AMPAS, Hollywood, and the entire human race, actually.2.

We should have some empathy for Oscar “sure bets.” The campaign teams behind “A Star Is Born,” “Roma,” “Rbg,” Glenn Close, et al, have to keep the buzz going while avoiding over-buzz.

Oscar history is filled with cautionary tales.

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