‘Forever’ Review: Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen’s Fascinating New Comedy Has Good Reason to Keep Its Premise a Secret

The creators of “Forever” would very much like it if you didn’t read this full review before watching the show — or any reviews, or anything that might reveal what the new Amazon comedy starring Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen is about.

In fact, critics were sent a list of things not to mention in previews that essentially boiled down to “don’t talk about the characters, the plot, any of the other actors, or really even the fundamental premise.”And honestly, having seen the series, Alan Yang and Matt Hubbard’s desire for secrecy makes sense.

These eight episodes of “Forever” form a delicate soap bubble of a season, one that might easily be popped by coarse “it’s nk] meets nk]” comparisons.

Like a bubble, it might be a little slight in some ways, but there’s something beautiful, peaceful — perhaps even transcendent — about watching it drift by.This review

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