Frances McDormand and Joel Coen on Scott Rudin’s Alleged Abuse: ‘I Never Witnessed Any of It’

Ahead of the New York Film Festival world premiere of “The Tragedy of Macbeth,” director Joel Coen and star Frances McDormand are refuting claims that they knew about alleged abuses by Broadway and film producer Scott Rudin.

Coen and McDormand sat down for a sprawling interview with Deadline about their new film, of which Rudin was originally a producer.“I think there isn’t anyone who works in the business who hasn’t heard those stories over the last however many decades that Scott has been working.


I hear stories about all kinds of people, I myself have witnessed all kinds of behavior.

I never witnessed any of it with Scott, absolutely never,” Joel Coen said.A claim that Coen and McDormand witnessed Scott Rudin’s alleged abuse surfaced in a June 2021 exposé in The Hollywood Reporter.

A former assistant of Scott Rudin’s, Eric Emauni, told the outlet:

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