‘Friends From College’ Season 2 Review: Netflix Sitcom is Most Improved in Sophomore Year

Hey, it worked! A comedy with all the right pieces, which were pushed and pulled into all the wrong places, got the time to learn, adjust, and grow.

Season 1 of Nicholas Stoller and Francesca Delbanco’s “Friends From College” was a messy disappointment, making Season 2 is a charming surprise.

It’s almost like time, patience, and talent are … virtues? Like TV creators often need a little trial and error to crack their projects? Like this is how TV is supposed to be made?Not that any of these characters would know it.

Still revolving around a group of dysfunctional, self-centered friends, the second season of Netflix’s comedy lays out the hard truth fast and often — taking its cue from Felix (Billy Eichner) during the opening scene.

As he and Max (Fred Savage) rehearse a (pretty great) dance routine for their impending nuptials, Felix has to explain to their instructor

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