From ‘Cherry’ to ‘Fast 9,’ How Camera Operators Deliver Action

Whether it’s filming a major musical number or epic action sequence, camera operators are responsible for the media audiences consume.Camera operator Mitch Dubin’s 17th film with director Steven Spielberg is the upcoming “West Side Story.” The musical presented Dubin with opportunities to harness new techniques, such as wearing an earpiece to listen to the score while filming.“Normally, you take your cues visually, but in a dance film like [this] if I wait for the visuals of a dancer leaping in the air, I would be late,” explains Dubin.

“I had to have the music to understand exactly when [to move and focus].”Dubin, who has been recognized as Camera Operator of the Year and a Lifetime Achievement Award winner by the Society of Camera Operators, says the job requires “being in sync with the actors, understanding the emotional content of every lens [and] the storytelling perspective of every position.”Camera operators are

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