From China, ‘American Factory’ Subject Chairman Cao Congratulates Film’s Directors on Oscar Win

Though unable to leave China to attend Sunday night’s Academy Awards due to travel restrictions prompted by the coronavirus, “American Factory” subject Cao Dewang has a message of congratulations for filmmakers Julia Reichert and Steven Bognar, who won the Best Documentary Feature Oscar for their Netflix film.

IndieWire has the exclusive video below.“American Factory” certainly isn’t easy on Chairman Cao, as he’s known, a Chinese billionaire who set up shop in post-industrial Ohio with a new factory in the skeleton of a shuttered General Motors plant.

As high-tech China faces up against working-class America, the factory advent appears to bring promise to an economically depressed community — until the operation is riven by setbacks.

However, Reichert and Bognar were able to gain his trust.

The documentary was originally commissioned by Chairman Cao, but Reichert and Bognar demanded total independence if they were to make the film.


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