From ‘Little Women’ to ’Stranger Things,’ Maya Hawke Turns Her Famous Parents’ Legacy Upside Down

A strange alchemy is at work when Maya Hawke comes on screen as a young Victorian lady in PBS’ miniseries “Little Women.” Although this is her professional acting debut and therefore technically presents a fresh new face, there’s something familiar about her.

It could be that she’s portraying Jo March, a much-beloved literary figure whose struggles are readily recognizable across generations.

It could also be that despite wearing a corset and petticoats, the character speaks with such a modern voice that she feels as if we know her.Even after a cursory Google search turns up what must be the answer — that she’s the grown daughter of actors Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke — that still doesn’t seem sufficient.

It’s only when speaking to her that it becomes apparent the feeling of familiarity, of knowing, stems from Hawke herself.

Whether it’s acting for the camera,

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