From Trump Supporters to Pig Pals, Unconventional Lead Roles Enter the Best Actor Race

The Oscar season may not have officially begun, but three talented leading men — Nicolas Cage (“Pig“), Matt Damon (“Stillwater“) and Winston Duke (“Nine Days“) — are all delivering awards-worthy performances in three very unconventional movies.

Likely to face an uphill battle on the awards circuit, the right campaign and support from critics could help them gain some traction in the awards game.It’s time we all have a serious talk about Nicolas Cage.

It should be no surprise that he delivers a beautifully affecting turn as Rob, a truffle forager who hunts the person who stole his beloved pig, and yet, some still find Cage more worthy of memes than trophies.

The 57-year-old actor’s overstuffed filmography is full of both box office successes (“The Rock” and “Face/Off”) and critical misfires (“Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” and “Windtalkers”).

Cage’s media persona plays up his zany antics, and surely Andy Samberg’s

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