‘Frozen 2’-Inspired Vr Film ‘Myth’ Creates Beautifully Immersive ‘Fairy Tale Within a Fairy Tale’

With “Myth: A Frozen Tale,” Disney Animation has crafted a visually stunning virtual-reality short film — a project that flexes its Vr muscles but deftly uses the technology in service of storytelling.

Sometimes Vr experiences feel like proof-of-concepts straining to justify their 3D settings.

“Myth,” by contrast, employs virtual reality so effectively it feels like the film’s emotional punches would be pulled if it weren’t in Vr.“Myth,” from director Jeff Gipson, is a kind of origin story about the “Frozen” land of Arendelle.

The eight-minute film takes the viewer on a largely wordless fantasy trip of the four elemental characters — wind, fire, water and earth — that appear in “Frozen 2.”Disney Animation is showing the Vr short at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival.

The idea for “Myth” was sparked at last year’s Sundance, when Disney Animation chief creative officer Jennifer Lee, writer-director of the two “Frozen” films (alongside director

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