‘Fully Realized Humans’ Review: A Dramedy of Pre-Parental Anxieties

In the movies as in real life, genuine chemistry can’t be faked — two people either have it or they don’t.

Joshua Leonard and Jess Weixler fall into the former category, sharing a rapport that’s so natural and easygoing that it carries their winning “Fully Realized Humans” (a 2020 Tribeca Film Festival selection) through its occasional bumpy patches.

As a married couple grappling with pre-parental fears as well as familial hang-ups, (following 2011’s “The Lie”), which with the right push may make inroads with indie audiences when it debuts on VOD on July 30.With the birth of their first child only one month away, Jackie (Weixler) and Elliot (Leonard) find that Lamaze classes with their doula (Erica Chidi Cohen) aren’t quelling their growing anxieties — which are then exacerbated by a baby shower at which their friends talk about the nightmare of breastfeeding, the threat of sudden infant death

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