Gaby Hoffmann: ‘I really love my job, but I don’t want to do it that often’

Despite being a child actor and having her own sitcom at 12, the star of Transparent and new film C’mon C’mon is happiest out of the spotlightThere were only a few occasions when the famed self-portraiture artist Cindy Sherman took photos of someone else and, at just five years old, Gaby Hoffmann became one of them.

In the portrait, Hoffmann remembers with a knowing snort, she was dressed as the devil.

Posing for one of the world’s most famous photographers was no fluke: Sherman was Hoffmann’s stepmother (she married Hoffmann’s older sister’s father), and as a child Hoffmann would regularly run riot in her studio, throwing on costumes and playing with props.

“Then when I was a teenager I lived with Cindy, and when Halloween came that’s where I would go to dress up.

My kids now enjoy it.

It’s a family resource!”This

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