‘Galaxy Quest’ Is Getting a Live Concert at Comic-Con Featuring David Newman’s Score

How do you know when a movie has reached unimpeachable cult classic status? A live score rendition from the San Diego Symphony at Comic-Con is a pretty good indicator.

Galaxy Quest,” the sci-fi comedy starring Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, Sam Rockwell, and Tony Shalhoub will get such star treatment this summer.

Composer David Newman will be on hand to conduct the world premiere event.Directed by Dean Parisot from a script by David Howard and Robert Gordon, “Galaxy Quest” is perhaps the only Hollywood parody wrapped inside a satisfying sci-fi comedy.

The movie follows a group of washed up actors best known for a “Star Trek”-like TV show who are become involved in a real intergalactic conflict after being visited by an alien race that thinks the series is an accurate documentary.

The movie parodied “Star Trek” fandom as much as it did the series itself, and

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