‘Game of Thrones’ Composer Ramin Djawadi on Working Toward the Musical Ending He Always Envisioned

Saying goodbye to “Game of Thrones” meant different things to everyone involved in making the show.

As Season 8 drew to a close, composer Ramin Djawadi had a number of unique opportunities to bring his decade on the show full-circle.The Season 8 soundtrack is a bit of a first for Djawadi, who chose to arrange the cues from the show’s final six episodes in chronological order, following the gradual reintroduction of themes from across “Game of Thrones” history.

As Djawadi told IndieWire, all of that culminates in the final episode, which bids farewell to a number of characters using music that’s marked their respective journeys.“When you see Brienne at the end, and she’s writing things down in the book about Jaime, I’m using the Honor theme, which had developed over the seasons for the two of them and their relationship,” Djawadi said.

“Of course, the Stark theme got used a lot,

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