‘Game of Thrones’ Finally Reveals Its Premiere Date in Enticing HBO Promo — Watch

HBO has been dribbling its “Game of Thrones” news out over weeks and months to keep viewers keen, but at long last, the network has revealed when the final season of the epic series will premiere this year.

In a brief promo airing before the debut of “True Detective” on Sunday, it was announced that “Game of Thrones” will return on April 14.Previously, HBO had confirmed that the show would be returning that month without nailing down a specific date.

That meant that the series was angling for awards contention because that would give it ample time to air its six feature-length final episodes in plenty of time to make the May 31 Emmys cutoff date.

While some episodes could extend past that date, the majority of the episodes will have to air before then to qualify.At last year’s Emmys, co-creator David Benioff explained the delay between the end

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