Gamechangers in Box Office History: How ‘The Matrix’ and ’10 Things I Hate About You’ Broke the Rules

Easter weekend is always a holiday, with kids home from school eager to enjoy movies: last year saw three family films open in the top nine, as well as wide-appeal “Captain Marvel” and “Shazam!”But 21 years ago, Easter weekend broke box office rules.

First, it was a ballsy move for Warner Bros.

to greenlight the Wachowskis’ original and complex science-fiction actioner “The Matrix” in the first place, much less release the R-rated movie opened on that family holiday.More from IndieWireOscar Contenders in 2020 Must Face a Complex and Uncertain Path to SuccessCould Movie Theaters Reopen by Early June? That’s the Optimism of NatoBut the risk paid off.

The eye-popping movie starring Keanu Reeves ended up blowing away all previous grosses for the holiday weekend (without counting Wednesday opening results).

All told, “The Matrix” took in nearly $68 million for its first five days (in adjusted gross).

Even the three-day result

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