Gary Busey’s Explanation Of What Predator 2 Is About Is As Ridiculous As You’d Expect

John McTiernan’s 1987 sci-fi actioner “Predator” is a clever, satirical, gloriously ultraviolent takedown of military-inflected supra-masculinity.

The film is populated by sweaty, muscular, weapon-fetishizing soldier types who finally encounter something they cannot merely blast out of the trees: a strong, towering, laser-armed alien game hunter who picks off humans for sport.

Ultimately the film’s Final Girl (Arnold Schwarzenegger) manages to best the beast, but that’s not before the creature kills and/or skins all of his compatriots.

“Predator” functions perfectly well as an action film, but functions even better when looked at as a satire. In terms of its themes, Stephen Hopkins’…The post Gary Busey’s Explanation of What Predator 2 is About is as Ridiculous as You’d Expect appeared first on /Film.

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