Geena Davis: ‘As soon I hit 40, I fell off the cliff. I really did’

The Thelma & Louise and A League of Their Own star wanted to be an actor from the age of three.

She discusses sexual harassment, improving representation, and why she’s so glad she had kids in her 40s“Are you in your bed like I am?” Geena Davis asks.

It is late at night and I am talking to Davis by Zoom, me in my bed in London, her in hers in Los Angeles.

I tell her that I only just resisted getting into my pyjamas for this call.“Ha ha! I changed into a sweatsuit!” she says, and she is, indeed, in an all-white sweatsuit.

Yet even in athleisure, she still looks like a golden-era Hollywood beauty.

Davis made her movie debut in Tootsie in 1982, in which she first appeared in just her bra and knickers, to Dustin Hoffman’s memorable confusion.

But it was always easy to

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