‘Gemini Man’: Ang Lee On the Challenges of Making His ‘Will Smith Clone Movie’

When Ang Lee introduced the first-ever screening of the full version of his new film “Gemini Man” he focused on the obvious: the many, many technical challenges involved in making a movie unlike any made before.

It meant the creation of Hollywood’s first fully digital human character, “Junior” — a motion capture of Will Smith transformed into a 23-year-old version of the actor – while at the same time experimenting with the high frame-rate (120 fps) and 3D cinematography he employed in “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk.”Lee said that one of his principal goals was to continue his “pursuit of what digital cinema should be,” but joked that at the same time, he “still had to deliver a Will Smith clone movie.”“Gemini Man” is, at its heart, a Jerry Bruckheimer action film — but it’s one that Lee constantly reworked, returning to some of the themes that have dominated his career.

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