‘Gentefied’ Review: Fall in Love With the Morales Family in Netflix’s Hip Comedy

First there was “Broad City,” then there was “High Maintenance” and “Insecure.” Thanks to the age of web series, peak TV has been able to anoint some of its most inventive creators, especially underrepresented or unknown ones who otherwise may have had trouble getting into a a pitch room, much less getting the green light.

Now, we have one more gift to the thank the web series for: “Gentefied.” Funny, incisive, and oozing with homegrown charm, “Gentefied” is exactly the kind of TV we need right now.

Netflix’s latest half-hour comedy is bilingual, bold, and braced to tackle painful issues with wit and nuance.Created by Marvin Lemus and Linda Yvette Chávez, “Gentefied” was ushered to the Netflix screen with the help of executive producer America Ferrera, who has a small cameo as a housing lawyer.

Ferrera has been involved since the show’s digital days, and right from the jump,

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