George Miller Took A Page From The Buster Keaton Playbook For Mad Max: Fury Road

An age in which the use of CGI reigns supreme in Hollywood blockbusters means that audiences tend to be less impressed about the scale of imaginary worlds and the scope of action-packed battles, but “Mad Max: Fury Road” stands out as a milestone achievement in practical effects and visual storytelling.

The film feels both groundbreaking in its use of modern technology yet classic in its embrace of traditional filmmaking spectacle that hearken back to the age of the silent film star.The “Mad Max” films have almost never embraced heavy exposition or long speeches, and Max Rockatansky himself resembles gritty antiheroes like Clint Eastwood’s The Man with No Name more than the fast-talking, quippy heroes that reign in today’s blockbusters.

Max is famously curt in his delivery, grunting and tongue-clicking more than actually talking, and his co-stars often follow his lead.

This lack of dialogue may make it seem

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