George Takei Accuser Changes Story, Now Says Their Encounter Was ‘Not Painful’ and ‘Didn’t Scar’ Him

Scott Brunton, who last year accused “Star Trek” actor George Takei of drugging and sexually assaulting him in 1981, has changed several details of his story in a new interview with the Observer.

The former model now says he doesn’t remember any inappropriate touching and, upon being presented with the opinions of two toxicologists who ruled out the spiked-drink scenario, says this makes Takei “a little less sinister.”In the Observer’s words, Brunton “walk[ed] back key details and let slip that, in his effort to be listened to, he’d fabricated some things.

This and other evidence would indicate a hard-to-swallow conclusion: We — both public and press — got the George Takei assault story wrong.”Brunton admitted that a coffee meeting he previously said he’d had with Takei never took place; he also referred to his encounter with Takei as a “great party story” that he’s told “maybe 20 times,

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