‘Get Duked!’ Review: An Unhinged Eddie Izzard Hunts Four High Schoolers in This Can’t-Miss Cult Comedy

What surely would have made a good reality-tv series — three juvenile delinquents from the big city, plus an awkward kid with no friends, are dropped in the Scottish Highlands and left to find their way back to civilization — works even better as a dark comedy goof when a couple of lunatics start shooting at them from afar.

The stakes are high, but so are half the characters in Ninian Doff’s irreverent survivalist satire, which makes this deranged camping trip all the more unforgettable with its phallocentric hip-hop jams, improvised pyrotechnics and hallucinogenic rabbit droppings.As debut features go, “Get Duked!” — or “Boyz in the Wood,” as this future cult classic was called when it won an audience award at the 2019 SXSW Film Festival — serves as.

Music-video director Doff’s as wicked as Ben Wheatley and as wacky as Guy Ritchie in the style department, bringing urban attitude to this totally unexpected setting.

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