‘Glass’ Tops the Box Office, But Fails to Shatter the Mlk Weekend


Night Shyamalan’s “Glass,” completing a loose trilogy preceded by “Unbreakable” and “Split,” easily topped the first three days of the Martin Luther King holiday weekend.

Its $40.5 million total nearly beat the totals for the next three films combined.However, grosses overall continue to decline when put beside comparable periods last year.

Though the full figures should slightly outpace those of the 2018 calendar weekend, they will be down 30 percent from the earlier Mlk holiday.

Year to date numbers are down 13 percent.“Glass” has the huge financial plus of costing only about $20 million.

That is double the expense for the 2016 film, which opened at the same number two years ago, through the post-mlk weekend.

Its success, and advance expectations for this (as well as the decline in total releases from major studios) meant it had no competition among new wide releases.That’s unheard of.

All recent years have seen

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